OFFICIAL: The studios received the status of housing

The deputies adopted amendments to the Spatial Planning Act
No more selling properties that have the status of a document studio, but you live in them – they will now have to have the status of housing and meet all the requirements for such. This was finally decided by the deputies after they adopted a number of changes in the Spatial Planning Act (SPA), reports.

Until now, most properties that did not meet the requirements for housing were sold as studios, as the requirement for them is only to have a bathroom, while to be a property there are a number of requirements, including a separate entrance, most a small room, kitchen or kitchenette and bathroom-toilet, as well as a storage room – closet, garage or basement.

The lower requirements and the lower price are the reason why there are many properties in the new construction, which according to documents are studios, but people live in them. Until 2017, they were not required to have the opportunity to purchase a garage and parking space, which is mandatory for properties with the status of an apartment.

Няма налично описание на снимката.

Other changes tighten control over construction supervision companies. The DNSK is given the right to inspect the supervisory companies and the complex report of the consultant, on the basis of which the investment projects have been approved and the construction permit has been issued.

The deputies also increased the requirements for the persons who assess the conformity of the investment projects – they must have at least 5 years of experience, be technically competent and have a master’s degree.

According to the changes in the law, more participants in the construction will bear administrative and criminal responsibility. A fine may be imposed on natural persons, through whom the conformity of the projects is assessed and the supervision of the constructions is carried out, as well as for other violations of the Spatial Development Act and acts on its implementation.

Whole neighborhoods by the sea – for sale

A Unified Public Register of Spatial Planning will be created on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, according to another change in the law. Permits for movable objects, billboards, orders for their removal, permits for development plans, for construction, technical passports of the constructions, acts for putting into operation, etc. will be published there.

The registers maintained by the ministry, the National Security Council, the regional governors, the municipal and regional administrations will also be merged.